Introducing RailPoint.

Information design is at the heart of everything we do at Kadfire, and RailPoint is no exception to this. Exploiting the capabilities of internet-connected touch screens has enabled us to provide highly effective and tailored information to passengers when they need it most. Since the first screen was installed in Gatwick Airport’s rail terminal, we have built heavily on our initial concept to create an intelligent and easy to use product that is proving ever more invaluable in stations across the country.

We work closely with our manufacturing partners to tailor our products to your needs and ensure there is always enough technological headroom to expand and update as tech trends develop. Obsolescence is effectively managed to ensure value and longevity goes hand-in-hand with performance in our modular systems.


RailPoint is a brand owned by Kadfire Limited. We are proud to have grown lasting relationships with most of the UK’s train operating companies, providing a full service for information products from data consultancy to graphic design, software and communications. We offer innovative and cost-effective information solutions, ranging from paper-based products to our web-based ‘Create Your Own Timetable’ service and most recently our interactive touch screen system, RailPoint.

Our team of over 20 comprises of software developers, digital designers, transport data specialists and installation engineers make us your ideal end-to-end partner for digital information solutions. We have been a supplier to the rail industry for over 20 years, being the first to provide rail operators with the hardware needed to print vital information posters in-house through to building our own design studio, data team, software development services and now our digital arm, RailPoint.

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